Brinton Design is a creative design and strategic marketing agency providing branding, UX/UI design and digital marketing services to startups.
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About This Project

Comprehensive brand strategy & development and digital marketing services for this new company that empowers new product innovation for makers of complex electro-mechanical hardware.

BriteLab offers full-spectrum product development in a seamless, team-based experience with world-class design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing experts—all under one roof, locally in the global capital of innovation, Silicon Valley.

The following work was covered in the scope of this 6 month engagement:

Brand Assessment

Complete brand assessment including company analysis, competitive analysis and audience analysis. Activities and deliverables included stakeholder and employee interviews, factory tour, competitive analysis, customer interviews, target audience segmentation, persona development, customer journey mapping, competitive positioning matrix, insights, opportunities, and strategic recommendations.

Brand Vision

Comprehensive brand strategy including the purpose, vision, mission, values and positioning, brand pillars, brand personality and attributes.

Brand Blueprint

Brand Blueprint including the brand promise, brand name, byline, tagline, and brand story.

Brand Identity

Full brand identity development including the corporate logo, color specs, corporate typography, corporate stationery, and key business forms.

Brand Expression

Brand Expression exploration demonstrating creative applications of identity system across a broad range of touch points.

Verbal expressions of the brand including voice, key messaging, sample ad copy, market-facing positioning statements and elevator pitch.

Brand Doctrine

Full brand guidebook to help align the organization in a common vision around the meaning and importance of the brand, and guidelines that help govern the usage of the brand system in order to maintain its integrity over time.

Brand Launch

Brand launch communications including an interim website, social media profile design and set up, a capabilities presentation, print ads, and language for the initial press release announcing the formation of the company.

Digital Marketing, Strategic Branding
Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Website Design