Brinton Design is a creative design and strategic marketing agency providing branding, UX/UI design and digital marketing services to startups.
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About This Project

Scollar is an exciting new startup company that makes innovative IoT products for the pet industry. Scollar engaged Brinton Design to support the company’s brand launch.

We worked with Scollar’s founders to design the UX/UI for an MVP mobile app providing pet owners with a fun and easy way to train their dogs—and even their cats!

To prepare for the MVP app release, Brinton Design sharpened aspects of the brand, then created a website designed to announce the brand, promote the app launch, capture leads and convert site visitors to app users.

Brinton Design then designed and implemented various email campaigns to supplement the brand launch. We also established the foundation for social media marketing and initiated an outreach campaign to generate awareness of the brand and its initial training app offering.

All of this came together, end to end, in three months. The founders were thrilled with the speed, quality, follow-through and results.

“Tony—I love how you do exactly what you say you are going to do and the quality of your work is outstanding. I am so glad we took this journey with you.”

Digital Marketing, Digital Product Design, Strategic Branding
Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Front End Development, IoT, Mobile App Design, Prototyping, Social Media Marketing, UX/UI Design, Website Design