Product Development Industry Study
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Product Development Industry Study

Understanding Sales Enablement in the Product Development Industry

Brinton Design is conducting a research study to understand the current state of the sales process in the Product Development industry, and how well that process is working with marketing.

Some really great firms have already signed on to participate, and it’s not too late to have your company get involved. For the effort, participants will receive a free copy of the report analyzing the findings. Participating simply involves a quick 10-minute survey and an optional 30 minute follow-up interview. All individual responses will be kept strictly confidential.

The report will provide expert analysis, highlighting strengths, gaps and opportunities around:

  1. Average customer lifecycle value
  2. Sales process and systems
  3. Health of the lead funnel
  4. Average value of a lead
  5. Top lead sources
  6. Average sales cycle length
  7. Average lead-to-close ratio
  8. Factors influencing closing deals
  9. What’s working
  10. The biggest challenges the industry is facing
  11. And much more

Don’t miss this chance to get some rare insight from the collective input of your peers. To submit a request to participate, complete the brief application form. Qualifying candidates will receive a link to the survey via email.